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Tortoises – or should that be Turtles?

A few days ago, I looked out onto our lawn, to see an Eastern snake-necked turtle/tortoise travelling across it. It had to travel across a road and under a gate to get there, and I can’t help wondering what it was looking for as it could probably have found a nesting site much closer to home. I took it back to the dam where it seemed very happy to stay and we haven’t seen it again. While I was taught turtles live in the sea, and tortoises live inland, my research tells me that tortoises live ON land mainly, while turtles live IN water mainly. So I guess this was a turtle...I think...maybe.

Last week, Brian and I saw another one wandering through our orchard - quite a long way from any water. They are obviously on the move. These two occurrences are the first time in 30 years on this farm that I have seen a wandering tortoise here.

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